Stephan Brühl works exclusively in black and white. The most fascinating aspect lies in the abstraction through the transformation of the colours of the real world into a wide scale of grey tones. Light and shadow thus have much more importance. This supports a rather subjective view.  


The subjects mainly concentrated on are landscape and architecture, often in a detailed perspective. Highly  influenced by the volcanic shaping of the Canary Islands Stephan Brühl is looking for simple, mostly graphical forms and figures. The architecture pictures of rural areas in many cases want to show signs of time and transience. Modern architecture on the other hand mainly attracts through its clear geometric forms. 

Until 2003 Stephan Brühl worked with large field view cameras. Original baryt paper prints in limited edition, as far as available, can still be purchased. Since 2009 the pictures have been taken with a digital medium format camera and processed in the computer.  Fine art inkjet prints in limited edition are likewise available.